Winter Issue of Cirsova is Out Now!

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The Winter Issue of Cirsova is available now!



Last Week for a Big Push!

It’s the last week of our Kickstarter for issues 3 & 4! We’ve been hovering around just $200 shy of our goal as backers tinker with their pledge levels down the final stretch.  To be safe, I’d like to see us well up over our $2500 goal so no last second surprises sink the ship.

Some things to consider:

-Backing for $1 gets you 3 issues

-Backing for $3 gets you all 4 of our 2016 issues

-We have a track record of delivering pledge rewards within about a month of the Kickstarter’s end date (two weeks for funds to process and about two weeks for fulfilled items to arrive.

-By those who have read us, we are considered one of the best new ongoing SFF publications on the market.

Please help us clear this hurdle so we’ll have funds to keep going in 2017!

Man, so I have this really bad idea

I found a website where you can get really crappy stock art for your latest BDSMVWMAGEF (Bondage Domination Sadism Masochism Vampire Werewolf Mummy Angel Goddess Elf Fairy) epic for pretty cheap (as low as $69!) with some small level of customization.  Sometimes I find myself having a hard time seeing things through from beginning to end, especially in the long form (the last works of fiction I had published were the flash fictions included with the Black Hole and Dracula albums I put out).

Anyway, I figure some small degree of commitment financially might induce me to finish some things.  As a creative writing exercise, one could buy one of these masterpieces of curvaceous clip-art and write a short novella or some such inspired by the image (rather than the traditional self-publishing route of writing a story and finding some piece of cover art that has next to nothing to do with your story) and get those published instead.