News for CatTotW, HALLS, Pickett’s Castle, and Towers of Dream

Since I’m not on Twitter, I can’t really shill for myself very loudly and get any #RebuildInitiative love. But hey, I don’t necessarily have to take advantage of the fact that the bar to call oneself a game-dev has been set incredibly low; I actually AM a game developer, though only the eBook of City at the Top of the World with its sweet hyperlinking action allows me the obtuse claim to the title of video game developer.

I have HALLS (High Adventure Low Level System), which could use some polish, and I did write a B/X Halloween micro-module, as well as a surreal tower mini-module.

But where was I going with this? Oh, right. My exclusive term with Amazon is about to expire for City at the Top of the World. I’ll have a pdf version of City (one which reflects the print version) available at Drive Thru before the end of the month, which means I’ll also be able to have up some of my other gaming titles available there as well.

I’ll probably have some sort of update around the 22nd, at which point I can push all of that stuff live. I want to keep most of my game stuff free, but Drive-thru requires at least one for-pay item, and City at the Top of the World is something I feel comfortable charging for.

Truth about HALLS is that it probably needs a lot of work to make into a balanced system, but it has a few ideas I think that are worthwhile. Anyway, it will probably continue to be free in a pay what you want form.  The main difference is, my stuff will all be in one spot instead of spread across years of posts here at Cirsova.