A Brief Summary of the Tingling

  • Vox Day & Rabid Puppies say “Let’s Nominate Chuck Tingle for the lulz!”
  • Chuck Tingle gets nominated, proceeds to be awesome and hilarious, even in the face of pressure from anti-puppies that he withdraw because he’s ruining the Hugos by being there.
  • Puppies and Puppy Adjacents say “Chuck Tingle is awesome, let’s get him a Hugo!”
  • Chuck Tingle posts jokes about Vox Day and announces Zoe Quinn will accept the award for him.
  • Many of the people previously saying Tingle should withdraw because he’s ruining the Hugos say “Let’s get Chuck Tingle a Hugo; that’ll show Vox Day, the Puppies and Gamergate!”
  • Puppies and Puppy Adjacents – “We’re okay with this!”

Love is Real

For some reason, I don’t think giving Space Raptor Butt Invasion—a work that wouldn’t even be on the ballot if it were not for Vox Day—a Hugo is going to teach Vox Day a lesson.

Just as planned

Just as planned!

All I know is that my Legends of Science Fiction T-shirt should be arriving sometime this week, and I can’t wait.

Serious important post and announcement later today.


Vox Day’s Xanatos Gambit a Confirmed Win (at Least for Vox Day)

Just as planned


“…I told everyone that this year was about the nominations and the best we could reasonably hope for was to provoke them into voting No Award… which they dutifully did.

Our execution wasn’t flawless. I made two mistakes, one which was fortuitous as it permitted Three Body Problem to make the shortlist and win, and one which was stupid as it cost us a 6th category in novelette. Our discipline could also have been better, although I don’t see that it would have made any difference at all with regards to either the nominations or the awards. But I trust the moderate approach is now sufficiently discredited in everyone’s eyes.” – Vox Day

“The real winner this year was Vox Day and the Rabid Puppies. Yep. You CHORFing idiots don’t seem to realize that Brad, Sarah, and I were the reasonable ones who spent most of the summer talking Vox out of having his people No Award the whole thing to burn it down, but then you did it for him. He got the best of both worlds. Oh, but now you’re going to say that Three Body Problem won, and that’s a victory for diversity! You poor deluded fools… That was Vox’s pick for best novel. That’s the one most of the Rabid Puppies voted for too.” – Larry Correia.

Vox Day Xanatos Gambit Update

Before, Vox Day’s opponents were spending a lot of effort to convince me that Vox Day was evil genius mastermind.  Today, Vox Day confirms they were right.

Pictured: Vox & Space Bunny Day celebrate things coming together as planned.

Pictured: Vox & Space Bunny Day celebrate things coming together as planned.

Later this week, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Fan Writers Category (expect some shilling), posting a partial review of the BFRPG module Zombraire’s Estate (Shadow Over Alfheim), and more Short Reviews.

I don’t know if I’ll really review Red Dragon Inn, but I will go ahead and say “I love this game, I want it and I want all of the decks and I wish it wouldn’t cost me close to $200 to get all of the decks.”

It’ll be a little while longer before I can continue my Bar-Lev series; I got my dad Ogre as an early birthday present, and we played it 4 times, leaving no time to set up another round of Bar-Lev.  He said it was the coolest new board game he’d played in years.  Considering his tastes in board games, that’s saying something.  The only thing that’s a surprise to me was that he’d somehow missed it in the first place.

#Gamergate and Vox Day, Library Sale and a Near Miss

Strange that some of the pushback – from proGG individuals – was to Vox’s statement that Gamergate has moved beyond ethics in journalism when it has CLEARLY moved beyond just ethics in journalism. It’s impossible to deny that it’s generally become an anti-far-left movement, even though it includes many individuals who consider themselves to be on the left, and while the focus is primarily pop-culture (video games, comics, movies) that is where the war between right and left tend to be fought and – until recently – won by the far left. Ironically, since so many proGG individuals are moderate left, they’re beginning to fall into similar traps as radical leftists marginalize, isolate & attack those you disagree with because the cause (as an entity) is more important than the message.  That’s not to say that there aren’t a lot of cooler heads who are able to put it into proper perspective (those who come out and say they disagree with what Vox says, but say that he has the right to his opinion as does anyone who supports the movement), but it does call back to that spectre of Internet Aristocrat warning that GG could end up just as bad as the Tumblrites.

Strange to me are those whose complaints reflect the mistaken notion that it’s somehow Vox’s fault and not David’s that the interview was not about Gamergate but rather Vox’s ideas and beliefs. David was asking questions, Vox was just answering. Fortunately, it’s not everyone, but there’s enough for it to be troubling. As for whether or not Vox is part of gamergate, he’s been tweeting and blogging about it for months; just because you haven’t seen him doesn’t mean he’s not there. I haven’t seen most of the people who are tweeting out the pic I stole from Postmortem Studios before either.

Anyway, those Pakman interviews have blown up pretty big. Interestingly, while a lot of Gamergate supporters are claiming they’ve never heard of Vox (despite his months of support from/shooting the shit with both DaddyWarPig and Liz F, who are undeniably “prominent members”), trying to distance themselves and saying he was never actually Gamergate, Milo has thrown his support behind Vox in regards to the interview/incident, bringing things back full circle to Journalistic integrity no less. Apparently, a lot of the “gotcha’s” Pakman tried to use were not only out of context, but misquoted or made up. So, yeah, if someone pulls a “quote” from something from years ago that you weren’t prepared for, you’ll be caught a little off-guard and maybe even believe that the interviewer wasn’t making stuff up because, y’know, journalistic integrity?

Anyway, Dollar Tree still has 20+ copies of Rebel Moon, so I grabbed one…

…on the way home from a Library Sale!

I made out pretty well, scoring a haul that included a collection of Ursula K LeGuin short stories, a hardbound anthology with a Vance story, the 1st & 3rd Lyonnesse Vance books, and 3 issues of Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine from the 70s.

Between leaving the library sale and buying a book by Vox Day, I almost ran over John Waters.

The light had just turned green, and a skinny guy in a pin-stripe suit with sunglasses and a pencil mustache didn’t notice that the Don’t Walk sign was flashing and almost stepped out right in front of me. He played it off all cool like he didn’t ACTUALLY need to cross the street there and started walking down the other street. “Oh, shit, baby, we almost just ran over John Waters!” “Should we say hi to him?” “I don’t know him; I’ve never watched any of his movies.” “I liked Hairspray & Crybaby.” “Do you want me to turn around? I might accidentally run him over again.” “No, it’s okay. But hey, at least we didn’t have to pay to see him!”

Bar-Lev wrap-up later this week.

Vox posted & responded to the Pakman interview here and on twitter in more places than I care to link; he’ll be doing a thorough dissection of it over the next few weeks.  Meanwhile, I might try to talk about some of the stuff in those ancient Sci-Fi rags I nabbed.

Dave Pakman 0-2 today

First he does an interview with Vox Day and rather than ask anything about gamergate, his work as a game dev, his time in a band, his work as a publisher, as a writer, as one of the forces behind this year’s Hugo Awards upset, Dave goes after some cherry-picked controversial statements.  I thought Vox did a decent job of clarifying his positions, and I’ll admit, I’ve moved from “I don’t know anything about Vox Day, but based on what everyone is saying about him he seems like a shithead” to “I think I’m okay with Vox Day!”  Anyway, Dave Pakman throws it up with a gamergate hashtag and basically calls Vox Day a rapist.


Later he has an interview with Christina Hoff Sommers and then frames it as “#GamerGate: Christina Hoff Sommers Talks ‘Hardline’ Feminism, Disagrees with MRA Karen Straughan”, even including, after his paraphrasing (which thoroughly mischaracterized Karen’s point re:Women’s Suffrage movement), the full clip of Karen Straughan speaking with Cenk Uyger.

christina david


I doubt his interview with Liana K will be any better, but I’ll probably watch it because I like Liana K.

Sidenote/update: This guy gets it.

Be Careful How You Frame Those You’re Villainizing

The weirdest thing about how the anti-Puppies narrative-shaping is playing out is how they’ve gone from trying to convince everyone that Vox Day is some kind of raving lunatic to positioning him as some kind of brilliant chessmaster who has played everyone because he’s such a grand marshal.

That evil nasty Vox Day managed to manipulate and play all of the sides against each other because he’s such an evil genius. Larry and Brad were unwitting pawns in his scheme to conquor science fiction because Vox Day is a master student of modern warfare and COIN ops. The moderates have played into Vox’s hands, as have the SJWs, because Vox can see six moves ahead.

Congratulations. This is how everyone is going to imagine Vox Day now, and you have only yourselves to blame.


Just as planned!

Also, I do not think that fascist means what Philip Sandifier thinks it means.