National Gay Black Caribbean Ocean Music Month

Obama forgot that June was already African-American Music Month when he declared it National LBGT Pride Month.

Fortunately, we could honor both here in a single post with this rancid classic from African American punk rock folk hero Wesley Willis.

Wasn’t that fun?  Good, because it’s National Smile Month, if you’re in the UK.

Unfortunately, here in the States it’s also National Caribbean-American Heritage Month. And now it’s been declared National Oceans Month.

And last month was National Jewish American Heritage Month, National Fitness Month, National Older Americans Month, National Building Safety Month, and National Foster Care Month. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a youtube video of orphans in foster care blasting Einsturzende Neubauten as work-out music in the living room of an elderly Jewish Man, but if someone gives me Blixa Bargeld’s phone number, I can tell him I’ve got a great idea for a new music video.

Maybe we should stop having National whatever months. We’ve got too many stupid causes that everyone wants to bring attention to and not enough months in the Gregorian Calendar to accommodate them all. And the truth is, no one really gives a crap anyway, and the people who do have given the rest of us plenty of fodder to laugh at them.