Short Reviews – The Spider Men of Gharr by Wilbur Scott Peacock

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The Spider Men of Gharr by Wilbur Scott Peacock was the featured cover piece for the Summer 1945 issue of Planet Stories.

Lura and Trent being attacked by a brok. A good example of why Planet Stories' readers were griping about Parkhurst and his poor composition.

Lura and Trent being attacked by a brok. A good example of why Planet Stories’ readers were griping about Parkhurst’s poor composition.

The Spider Men of Gharr is one of those pesky little editor-written stories that sometimes find themselves published in whatever magazine the author is an editor for.  Fortunately, Wilbur Peacock’s solid taste in science fiction carried over into his writing to produce, if not an exceptional, a workmanlike and enjoyable novelette.

The year is 2210: Earth has been invaded by a race of multi-armed indestructible cyclopean giants.  Kimball Trent, action scientist, has been working on a subterranean refuge where humanity can hide out from the alien invaders.  An accident while working on the hab-dome’s cooling systems cryogenically freezes Trent; he wakes up over 500 years later in 2735, lamenting that his project has gone unused, Earth is enslaved and humanity has surely fallen into barbarism.

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