Arte Sacra Atelier – Ade, New Album Out

In my other life as a record label executive, I have put out a handful of albums, covering goth, punk, metal, and industrial.  The latest album to be released on Retro Virus Records is “Ade”, by an artist of whom I am a huge fan, Arte Sacra Atelier.  You can buy it here!  It’s only $5.70+ shipping.

If you’re looking for something audio-wise to spice up your dungeon crawling, I highly recommend it!

1. Alfa Romeo
2. Baby
3. Fenice
4. Inverno
5. Mexican Tones
6. Mozart
7. Rain
8. Swans
9. Tu Sei Chi Chiamo Madonna

Later, I’ll be posting an interview with Francesco Perdona, the genius behind Arte Sacra Atelier.

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