Cirsova eBay Store

I’m trying something a bit new. Mostly to get rid of some junk and maybe some other books and whatnot [we’re starting small], but I’m going to being listing a few things on an eBay store.

Right now, we’ve just got one DC SuperHero Girls Katana doll and a Kamen America Cosplay mask up, but eventually I’ll be listing more, including books, toys, and even boardgames.

Relics of tha Kangsta

For those of you clamoring for a BROSR/BROvenloft module, this is the best you’re going to get. This is the only “BROSR” “Product” and it’s available for a limited time, exclusively through Lulu.

It’s black cover because we don’t hold the rights to the meme cover, so we’re not going to make money off someone else’s art unlicensed. Think of it like the “censored” Walmart covers from back in the 90s.

This collects the collated rap battles of Kangsta Wrapper, the Count, Der Erlbronig, and the Rev, + Kangsta’s character sheet and miscellaneous domain notes.

This title will be available through October 31st.

Michael Tierney Featured at “Illustrated Arkansas: The Art of Comics”

On View ~ October 14, 2022–January 28, 2023
Underground Gallery, Galleries & Bookstore at Library Square, CALS Roberts Library

The Illustrated Arkansas exhibition features artists living and working in the state who have created or contributed to print or digital comics and graphic novels. The exhibition will represent a wide range of illustration styles and media of the comics art form.

CALS is excited to display the artwork of graphic artists and spotlight their efforts in the creation of comics and graphic novels in all their forms.

Michael Tierney’s Wild Stars and work on Beyond the Farthest Star have been showcased at the Underground Gallery, Galleries & Bookstore at Library Square in downtown Little Rock.