Independent Patron/Player-character Interactions in Real Time

So what have I been doing lately gaming wise?


I’m playing Ringo Star and the United Caveman Federation in Jeffro’s AD&D domain-level game [as a faction patron].

At some point, when it would not spoil it for the other patrons or adventuring PC players, I’d love to publish my faction notes.

Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog

I have to tell you, the thing about real AD&D that is so astonishing is that once you get it, you end up having to beat players off with a stick. The “real time” campaign combined with player run domains/patrons actually makes this work. There’s something compelling about an authentic old school campaign that just plain captivates people.

Before we move on to what I wanted to tell you, let me point out that there is a legitimate reason for why you see this weird jargon in all of my tweets and posts. It’s because the BrOSR has uncovered a way to play rpgs that is unlike anything anyone has done over the past 40 years. We honestly need new terminology such as “Jeffrogaxian timekeeping” and “Chantisonian patrons” in order to talk about it. Words fail to get the sense of what this new gameplay feels like because everything about…

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Full Cover + Original Artwork for The Paths of Cormanor

Amara smoothed her cloak of feathers. She and her sisters were going to dive for a prince today. The youngest prince, but a prince nonetheless, and she didn’t want to stand out because her feathers were out of place.

The Paths of Cormanor, the new fairytale romance from Jim Breyfogle, will be live on Kickstarter on 7/7!

And check this out! The original cover art by Eric Parrot will be available as a singular add-on.

New Shuriken Finally on the Horizon?

We’re very grateful that Reggie Byers stopped by the other day to give us an update on the project. Things may be slow-rolling, but we hope that they will pick up steam!

Reggie has a new section on his website that will be devoted to Shuriken news and updates.

Be sure to to also check out our own classic comic project: the second issue of the digitally restored Badaxe by Paul O’Connor is out now in our summer issue, backing up the cover story from Caroline Furlong, Part Two of Michael Tierney’s Wild Stars V: The Artomique Paradigm, the latest Mongoose and Meerkat adventure from Jim Breyfogle, and more!

Review of Tales of the Mongoose and Meerkat Vol 1 from Upstream Reviews

Upstream Reviews just posted a fantastic review of Tales of the Mongoose and Meerkat Volume 1: Pursuit Without Asking.

Why read it? Because it’s just a good time. Though I typically read ebooks these days out of convenience, I ripped through the paperback edition faster than I’ve read any print book in years. If you want to read something with likeable characters who talk fast and fight faster, getting themselves into all kinds of impossible situations, then this is definitely a book for you.

The full review can be read here.

Don’t forget, the audiobook edition of Pursuit Without Asking is out now on Amazon! Also, Jim Breyfogle’s newest novel, The Paths of Cormanor, is coming soon, with a preview in our Summer issue!

Tales of the Mongoose and Meerkat volume 2 will be coming soon, probably 2022! Can’t wait for the collection? You can follow Kat and Mangos’s latest adventures in Cirsova Magazine!

Another Review of The Cosmic Courtship!

Richard Fisher at DMR Books has a review up The Cosmic Courtship!

We just put the order in with our printer for domestic fulfillment last week.

We’re crossing our fingers that everything ships out safe and sound!

Once fulfillment is under way, the books will be made available for pre-order on Amazon.

If you missed it, Nathan Housley, aka The Pulp Archivist, did a review of The Cosmic Courtship last month.

Don’t forget, the Summer issue of Cirsova is out now with a preview of Jim Breyfogle’s The Paths of Cormanor!

Tangent Online Review of Cirsova Summer 2021

Tangent Online recently posted a fairly glowing review of the Cirsova Summer Issue.

Seeing Badaxe described as a “Manga-style” comic was something of a surprise, but we’re happy that their reviewer seemed to like the issue overall.

The Summer issue is out now on Amazon in ebook and paperback and on Lulu in hardcover.

It contains a sneak preview of Jim Breyfogle’s new fairytale romance, The Paths of Cormanor.

Also, if you missed part 1 of The Artomique Paradigm and Badaxe, be sure to grab a copy of the Spring issue, since both of those are continued in the Summer issue!

Saline County Comic Expo + Other News

…was a lot of fun for us! It was actually one of our best con showings yet. We managed to sell a handful of books and magazines and I spent less on swag than I made in sales.

Selling NFTs at a con

Our best sellers? Schuyler Hernstrom books that we didn’t actually publish.

Considering that most people go blank-faced when they realize that the books you’re selling are not comics at a comic con, we did fantastic.

I’m probably going to dump all of my old back-stock at Central AR Goodwill just to get it off of my shelves. Back issues have done especially poorly; most folks pick up the newest ones [which is hard because our newest issue has two part twos of ongoing series]. So, for the Little Rock Comic Con in September, we’ll be starting fresh with just the most recent stuff + the Tarzan book.

Open Submissions

Okay, this is a reminder, open submissions begin August 1st and will end August 7th. Get writing! If you want to get an idea of what we’re looking for, we did a post here, and, of course, please read the Submission Guidelines!

Interior Advertisements for Fall and Winter

We’re accepting advertisements for the interiors of the Fall and Winter issues! Fall will include the conclusions of both Wild Stars and Badaxe; Winter will feature a cover story by Kamen America writer Mark Pellegrini. Details about our ad specs can be found here.

Michael on The LCS Guys

As some of you may know, Michael is a regular on Critical Blast’s show, The LCS guys. In this episode, he talks some not only about his Wild Stars work with Cirsova and his plans for the future of the series but also his new Robert E. Howard project that’s on the horizon.

If you want to catch up on all of Michael’s Wild Stars adventures, the best way to do so is through The Wild Stars 35th Anniversary Omnibus, which will get you the original Book of Circles graphic novel, the Force Majeure comic/novel hybrid, plus Time Warmageddon and Wild Star Rising. We’re serializing Wild Stars V: The Artomique Paradigm this year [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 is forthcoming]

The Paths of Cormanor

Jim Breyfogle’s The Paths of Cormanor will be launching soon on Kickstarter!

The Cosmic Courtship

We’ve finally been able to put in the full order for The Cosmic Courtship, so that will be arriving soon for us to begin fulfilling! Yay!

More news and details on all of this soon…

What Will Cirsova Be Looking For In August?

Our August 1-7 submission window is coming up fast, and one of the questions we get a lot is “what are you looking for?”

Well, a lot of general suggestions can be found on our Submissions Guidelines page. But for more specific stuff…

Well, I know it’s probably not a great habit as an editor, but I generally like seeing content similar to whatever it is has me excited at the moment. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of time to read the pulps because I’ve been so busy with this Julian Hawthorne project [which has even more exciting new stuff to come once The Cosmic Courtship is out the door]. In what free time to read I have, I’ve been reading a lot of older comic books. So, maybe take some inspiration from a few of these:

Dagar the Invincible (1972 Gold Key) comic books 1972
Occult Files of Doctor Spektor (1973 Gold Key) comic books 1976
Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 A.D. TPB (2010-2014 Dark Horse) comic books
Donald and Scrooge (1992) comic books
Ghostly Haunts (1971) comic books
Grimm's Ghost Stories, No. 17 (Death Rattle): Books
The Strangest Northerns: The Mighty Samson - Dark Worlds Quarterly

Of course, it never hurts to have actually read some Cirsova to get an idea of the kind of stories we typically buy. My recommendations would be either Volume 1, Issue 4, or the Fall Special #1, because these both showcase the breadth of fiction we typically purchase.

Jim Breyfogle’s The Paths of Cormanor

We have a Kickstarter sign-up page for Jim Breyfogle’s new novel, The Paths of Cormanor, ready to go!

If you’re a fan of Mongoose and Meerkat, you’ll be sure to love this all new adventure that draws heavily on eastern and northern European fairy tales.

Amara is a woman of Cormanor; she and her sisters have the fantastical ability to put on their cloak of cormorant feathers and turn into birds!

Kellen is the youngest prince of the realm, a seventh son of a seventh son, and he wishes to see these women at their magical work for himself.

While Kellen watches with Amara as her sisters fly and dive in lake, Amara’s cousin falls in the water and is stolen by an ancient monster that lives within the lake.

The prince dives in bravely after the boy and saves him, but the monster tears from him a piece of his soul!

To save the prince’s life in return, Amara dives to the monster’s lair, defeats it, and retrieve’s the prince’s soul–only to learn that a piece of it has remained trapped within her!

And that’s just the beginning!

The Paths of Cormanor is a beautiful and thrilling fairytale romance, filled with dashing heroes, dastardly villains, evil monsters, wise and cunning heroines, and much much more!

A sneak peek at the first “Path” is available in our Summer issue, out tomorrow!