Keep on the Borderlands (Sort Of)

At Free RPG Day, I got to game with a buddy who runs the local RPG con–B/X is his jam, and I love him for it.

He runs his somewhat uniquely, and there are aspects I disagree with (using a d8 base for semi-non-variable damage rather than d6), but there are others which I’ve stolen to make my own game run smoother (rotating initiative by side).

But the most important way he runs his game is that it’s fair–he’s not going to kick you when you’re down, but when you’ve goofed you’re done. PC death can and will happen in his games.

He’d run off some fairly wacky pre-gens from a site that gave stats and equipment that were all over the place. I ran a thief with 17 STR, 18 Dex, 8 Int, 18 WIS 14 CON, and CHA 4. Crusty Jim! I’ve learned from my own players and realized that Thieves have the potential to be the most stupid overpowered class, especially at lower levels. I cut my way through several orcs, bugbears, and giant spiders with my trusty Zweihander. With an AC of 4 and the potential to do over 20 damage in a single hit, I was a force to be reckoned with!

It’s also nice to play Borderlands without the moral quandaries that modernist gaming culture has tried to impose on it. We were told up-front: there are no orc babies; greenskins are creatures of evil that are born from, created by, and composed of evil and chaos taken shape. The goal was to kill them, rescue humans, recover treasure, and work to make the Borderlands just a little bit safer.

It wasn’t run straight from the module, but rather thematic, adjusted for a one-off. The keep was there, but we were given the choice to look for caves, small ruins, or large ruins (all home-made content). So I’ve still never played Borderland proper, but it was still a lot of fun cleaving through gobbos.


Michael Tierney’s Wild Stars (Backer Reward Breakdown + Add-Ons)

We’re on track to hopefully raise $4000 for Michael Tierney’s Wild Stars.

We’ve unlocked a LOT of stretch goals, and I think we will hit more, so I wanted to highlight what it is we’re offering and what you’ll get for backing:


  • Electronic copy of the new Wild Stars novella


  • Electronic and softcover copy the new Wild Stars novella
  •  All 7 issues of the 2002 Wild Stars comic run*
  • The Force Majeure: Prairie Bay comic*


  • All of the above
  • Multiversal Scribe Magazine


  • All of the above
  • The 1984 & 1988 Wild Star Comics, Erlik and First Marker.

$45 (ONE LEFT!)

  • All of the above
  • Across the Distance and Wild Stars art portfolios

Add Ons:

  • Spider-Raft Variant Cover ($10)**
  • Hardcover ($30 US, $35 non-US)***

*:Free to US backers; due to international postage rates, non-US backers will need to increase their pledge by an additional $40 to receive these comics.

**: Backers may choose from either cover or pledge an additional $10 to receive both copies (no additional S&H)

***: Hardcovers may be shipped/fulfilled separately—this allows us to save on international shipping to make them more affordable to non-US backers.


low res of Mark's version of the cover

Multiversal ScribeFMPBCOVERcolorWild Stars 3 coversWild Stars 1 and 2

Variant Cover Stretch Goal Met + Other Stuff

Over the weekend, we met the $2000 stretch goal for the Mark Wheatley variant cover.

low res of Mark's version of the cover

Backers may choose between the variant cover and the regular cover when filling out the backer survey OR they may add $10 to their pledge (no additional S&H!) to get both versions.

Other stuff…

I am… Exhausted! I’m pretty far behind on my game blogging stuff, but if I can get a minute, I might have a shot at covering one of the following several topics:

  • The last session of Death Crypt of the Ultralich, in which the party fought several constructs protecting the artificer’s workshop.
  • The final session of G3 from a few weeks back, in which Jonthany met his ultimate end–when given the choice to wrap up one of several long-running plotlines, we went with “hey, forget the deep dwarf infiltration and the wolf cultists, let’s hunt and kill that dragon we’ve heard about that poses no existential threat to city!”
  • Actually posting the final page of the Death Crypt dungeon.
  • Playing B/X on Free RPG Day.

Issue 9 is almost in the can, and I just finished my 2nd round edits of issue 10. There is some great stuff in store for you guys in these upcoming issues. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope they net us enough funds to actually take submissions for 2019.

Quick Wild Stars Update + Clock’s Watch on Sale


The main version of Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon is more or less in the can. All that’s left for the Tim Lim softcover version is to add the backer names to the Thanks page.

We’ll have the proof for that in hand by next week, but it’s worth mentioning that we’ll probably be meeting the stretch goal for a variant cover very soon.

Also, this week Michael Reyes’ Clock’s Watch anthology is on sale in celebration of Mermaid Week at Coney Island.


Wild Stars Interior Layout Complete!

I’ve been going a mile-a-minute to get Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon ready for release.

We’ve got all of the interior art images in from Mark Wheatley, including some fantastic 2-page spreads, and placed into layout.

What’s up next? Hitting that $2000 stretch goal for a wrap-around variant cover!

Want to see what it will look like? Back today for the exclusive early preview!


About the Multiversal Scribe

One of the rewards we’re sending out to Kickstarter backers is the Multiversal Scribe zine from 1977. Multiversal Scribe is 32 pages of original art and fiction from Michael Tierney. The story of how it was published is really cool, and Michael has posted it here.

Multiversal Scribe

Be sure to pre-order Wild Stars today, and we’ll be sending a copy of this vintage indie underground scifi publication to backers who pledge for the $15 tier or higher!