D&D, Wild Stars, and Cirsova

I’ve been wanting to wait until I run it for my players before posting the final level of the Ultralich dungeon, but we keep having delays. I may go ahead and post the keyed map later this week regardless of whether I’ve finished running it or not. I think that generally only one of my players follows the blog, and I don’t know how religiously they do so.

The Wild Stars books have shipped to Little Rock, so Michael and I will be stuffing boxes around the end of the month. This may be some of the hardest money I’ve ever earned as a publisher, but it’s been a lot of fun. Tara Grimravn, who’d written a review of our last Cirsova for Tangent, posted a review of an advanced copy of Wild Stars: Time Warmageddon here. Delays in publishing the review meant that it didn’t go live in time to help the Kickstarter, but it’s good to know that we put out quality work.

If you missed out on Wild Stars, you’re not completely SOL. Though the print run is confined to orders for the Kickstarter, Michael will have copies for sale at his Little Rock and North Little Rock stores, and I’ll have a very small supply of my own for sale. This could be a “must-have” item for Tim Lim fans, because the print-run on copies with the Tim Lim cover is ~120.

Cirsova Issues 9 & 10 are available for pre-order here. If you want more Cirsova in 2019, we need to raise another $3600 in 25 days.


Pre-orders for Issues 9 & 10 are live!

We’re taking pre-orders for issues 9 & 10.


Q: Why is S&H so high?

A: It’s not. We split out S&H cost as a separate item for once. HC tiers are actually cheaper than they have been in the past.

Q: So you mean you were selling the magazine for $6 a copy the whole time?

A: Yes, I’m bad at business.

Q: Wait, so you’re kickstarting for $5k?

A: Yes, that’s actually what it would cost to publish 2 issues of Cirsova.

Q: Usually it’s been way less!

A: We’ve never broken even, and I’m out of fun money. All my resources are now sunk into Illustrated Stark.

Q: What happens if you don’t raise $5k?

A: 9 & 10 are in the can, fully paid for. This $ is being raised for 2019. If we don’t raise it, 9 & 10 will go up on Amazon when they would’ve anyway, and I don’t spend a hectic week entering fulfillment data.

Q: Are these really the “Final Issues of Cirsova Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine?”

A: Yes. If we get enough money to launch vol 2, the subtitle will be different. If not, there’ll be a break in 2019 while I scrounge $ for a vol 2.

Q: So, when are you taking submissions again?

A: When I have at least $2000 cash-on-hand necessary to make acquisitions, pay Anton Oxenuk for his marvelous cover art, and Xavier and Mark for their copy-editing.

Wild Stars and Cirsova Updates

Man, I can’t wait to have time to write content that’s not just an update on some project…

We’ve put in orders for the Wild Stars hardcovers. Once the softcovers are approved, we’ll put in the order for those.

Very soon, we will be taking pre-orders for Cirsovas 9 & 10.

Please do not be too exhausted spending money on crowdfunding stuff.

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