New Mailing List Service + 2020/2021 News!

We finally got around to setting up a new mailing list service!

Everyone who was on the old mailing list has been moved to the new mailing list.

Until things are worked out with the domain registrars, emails will be coming from my email account [which those of you who’ve backed our kickstarters should be vaguely familiar with].

The link has been updated on our mailing list page, but if you want to subscribe from this post, you can do so via this link:

More News (2020)

The end is finally in sight for 2020. Contributors are looking at the Fall special and Anton is working on the cover. Mark and Xavier have both given me corrections on the Winter issue, so all I need to do is get Xavier’s edits in, run them by the contributors, and get Anton to do a cover for that.

The retail version of Jim Breyfogle’s Mongoose and Meerkat Vol 1 will be available August 3rd.

The Cirsova Summer Issue [Cirsova Vol 2 #4] will be out August 7th.

We’ve also signed on to do an exciting project with Misha Burnett a bit later this year that is deserving of its own post in the near future.

News for 2021

As you all know, we’ve made plans to run the rest of Mongoose and Meerkat, one story per issue until the finale, but we’ve got a lot of other stuff already lined up.

We will be serializing Michael Tierney’s new Wild Stars story, The Artomique Paradigm, across three issues in 2021. So, now would be a really good time to catch up on the previous Wild Stars adventures!

We’re also excited to announce that we will be serializing Paul O’Connor’s Badaxe comic. We will be digitally cleaning up and reprinting the original series across 3 issues in 2021 beginning with the Spring issue.

Something else that we’re aiming for, which everyone has been bugging us about since we first started this this, is to have some illustrations!

Well, yes, we’ll have the comics that we’re serializing, but we’ve been talking with DarkFilly about doing some interior art for the magazine! Mostly the Mongoose & Meerkat stories and maybe Wild Stars, but it’s on the table!

Right now, it’s still looking like 2021 will be “invite-only”. 2020 has been expensive and, let’s be honest, I’m prone to overbuying. Even going invite-only, I’m still prone to overbuy.

After 2020, I need a year to take some breathing room; a year where I will not be working 14 hour days to make the Magazine happen.

So, we’ll probably stick with three issues and we’ll be contacting authors on an individual basis to fill out the 2021 issues as we have budget to do so. Please understand, however, that space will be EXTREMELY limited, and if we’re not able to reach out to you for a story, it’s not because we don’t want a story from you. It’s because we very well CAN’T buy more from you and we’d rather not waste your time and get your hopes up for nothing if we’re unable to accommodate you.

If something changes, we’ll let everyone know, starting with our regular contributors.

Rally & Reimu

One of the backers of our Mongoose & Meerkat Kickstarter requested a drawing of Rally Vincent. As the protagonist of Gunsmith Cats, she doesn’t have much to do with this campaign, and given our budget constraints, we can’t commission to DarkFilly to do more art for us right now, but…

I love Rally Vincent, and we aim to please, so here is a drawing of Rally Vincent from me.

While I was at it, I had to get this idea I had for Reimu from the Touhou games with a chicken sashimi stand down on paper.

Anyway, if you missed the Kickstarter, the retail edition of Mongoose and Meerkat comes out next month!

So does our Summer Issue!

Cirsova Summer Issue Out August 7th!

The new issue will be out in about a month!




Battle Beyond the Continuum
Rex Funnel and Paul Aglet have travelled across time and space, testing their new continuon flux drive-and found themselves in the midst of a planetary conflict!

The Meeting
[translation by RALUCA BALASA]
Two star-crossed lovers, doomed by their strange malady to never meet, must share their thoughts and feelings by the letters they hide within their asylum chambers!

Short Stories

Ascension Star
Free trader Remi Gavilan’s world is turned upside down when he crosses paths with a pleasure girl…the same day the Jinlintan royal family is systematically murdered!

Why Did You Leave Your Last Employer?
George may have found his dream job-keeping bees for the eccentric Dr. Rotstein! But what is the aim of the doctor’s experiments? Why does the honey taste strange?!

A Judgment of Lestrel
Penne has spent his Re-Gen-enhanced lives going on one bender after another-his last chance to break the cycle may be the incomparable world of Lestrel!

Henry and the Prince of Cats
A strange incident has left his master dead! With his newfound intelligence, Henry, a Scottish Terrier, sets out to solve the mystery of what happened to all the humans!

Bad Luck Charm
Larry Colton has had quite the run of luck! He’s got a good job and a new girlfriend he thinks is out of his league…Things are great, aside from a few strange nightmares!

Death’s Shadow
Iraq War vet Matt Barnaby has been blessed-and cursed-by the ability to see the shadow of death, hanging about the auras of those around him!

Well, that was interesting…

Everyone remotely right of center was made to own what happened in Charlottesville.

But suggesting an organization like SFWA that explicitly supports the groups behind the violence ravaging communities across America bore any responsibility was beyond the pale.

The best any of the shrieking crazies could come up with was “you must be racist” or essentially parroting that old Donald Trump “there were good people” line we were endlessly told was bullshit and lie.

What is happening in America now is not just orchestrated, it is a damn symphony being conducted against black Americans.

  • conflate the struggles of African Americans with the political desires of radical ancoms [who are, ironically, mostly white]
  • create destruction in black communities, costing jobs, livelihoods and opportunity
  • that destruction and risk poisons the well to any outside investment in those communities, further depressing them
  • by tying this destruction to a black identity movement, the orchestrators know average Americans will become prone to lose their sympathies for black Americans
  • politicians, activists, the media, and global corporations are all behind and supporting this effort to destroy black america under the guise of saving it.

These politicians, these corporations, these activists, these vampires, they WANT white people to blame blacks, because it will give them further cover for the destruction of the old orders.

It’s easy to become blackpilled on race relations, but I will not go blackpilled on black people, because I know too damn many badass black folks, people who have been friends, supporters, creatives, artists and musicians who are the coolest people in the world.

And THAT is why I believe it is worth it to stand up against the vampires in BLM, SFWA, and every other “woke” organization out there.

SFWA is a Terrorist Organization

SFWA is a terrorist organization.

For several years, we have remained agnostic on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

While we have had a few friends who have had “beef” with SFWA, we have also had a number of authors and friends who have been members of the SFWA.

When authors asked us about SFWA, we tried our best to point them towards helpful resources and current members, and authors who we have worked with who have considered joining, we have done what we could to support their applications when asked.

While SFWA’s decision to discriminate based on race in a desperate attempt to become “diverse” is a gross and shallow attempt to remain relevant and deflect criticism of their organization and their members’ behavior and survive the contemporary ideological purges going on in the left side of the political spectrum, their pledge of support for terrorist organizations is beyond abhorrent.


Everywhere that Black Lives Matters goes, destruction, vandalism, violence and hatred [largely carried about by white “allies” aiming to create further racial divides in the country] follow in its wake.

Not content to keep their violence and destruction in public places and businesses, over the weekend, hundreds of protesters broke into a private neighborhood to threaten and menace the residents.

This is the kind of terrorism that SFWA supports.

And it is for this reason that Cirsova Publishing has officially adopted the policy of recognizing the SFWA as a terrorist organization.

We strongly recommend any authors with good conscience leave this malign organization.

We strongly recommend any authors considering membership to avoid it.

While we will not make it a policy to ask, Cirsova Publishing will no longer consider submissions from new authors with SFWA credentials in the bio materials that they send us until the organization takes a real stand against racism and disavows and ceases supporting domestic terrorist groups.

Cirsova Publishing Acquires Serial Rights to All of Mongoose & Meerkat

I can now confirm that Cirsova Publishing has acquired the rights to the entire remaining Mongoose & Meerkat series!

We will begin serializing it one story per issue, beginning with Hunt of the Mine Worm in the winter issue out this December, until all 18 stories in the cycle have run.

If you JUST got into Jim Breyfogle’s Mongoose & Meerkat via our kickstarter for Pursuit Without Asking and want to keep on top of things, the next story in the sequence, The Golden Pearl, was the cover story of our spring issue.

Read The Golden Pearl in the Spring Issue!

Missed the Kickstarter? Tales of the Mongoose and Meerkat is on Amazon!

Mongoose and Meerkat Retail Edition Available for Pre-Order–Out August 3rd

Did you miss the Kickstarter? Wishing you got your hands on one of those books that people are showing off all over social media?

Well, you will still have a chance to get your hands on a copy!

The eBook and retail paperback edition are available for pre-order now and will be out August 3rd.

eBook Edition

Retail Paperback Edition

Summer Issue Needs Advertisers ASAP!

We’ve got about a week left to take advertisers for the Summer Issue!

The following are Cirsova’s Advertising Rates:

250 Character Text Advertisement $25
1/4 page Advertisement $35
1/2 page Advertisement $50

Advertisement images should be 300 dpi, with the following measurements:

1/2 Page – 7.5″ w x 4.5″ h or 3.5″ w x 9″ h
1/4 Page – 3.5″ w x 4.5″ h
Please send as png, jpg, or tiff!

Contact us at cirsova at yahoo dot com for details.

eBook available for pre-order now!

Print pre-order available soon!

Final Days of LR Comic Shops + Michael Tierney on with Critical Blast

This saturday was the last weekend of Central Arkansas’s oldest comic shops before they close their doors forever.

Friday, I managed to finish going through the 50 cent boxes in North Little Rock, then Saturday I took Misha Burnett’s suggestion that I go back and grab every single issue of Jon Sable Freelancer. So, between the Covid Crisis and the shutdown, I’ve easily quadrupled my collection. Largely for 50 cents a piece.

I’ve converted my pull to mail-order, so I’ll still be getting new comics, but I’m sad that I’ll never get a chance to peruse the back catalogs and just buy an issue of this or that, here or there, without feeling the need to go entirely all-in. All those Duck comics I’ll never get a chance to get my hands on without having to “special order”!

Cirsova is no longer available on shelves for consignment. I’ve taken all of them back except for issues that featured Michael’s stories, which he bought off me.

We still have lots of plans to work with Michael going forward as his publisher and with a freelance project we’ve got him working on for us.

If you want to support him through us, be sure to check out his Wild Stars! Now is a great time to catch up.

Book of Circles is available at deep discounts on Amazon right now.

If you’re interested in signing up for his mail-order program, you can find details on his site.

Thinking Critical Interview with Michael Tierney

Michael was on with Wes of Thinking Critical to talk about the closure of his retail fronts and the state the comic industry.

He also confirms that he IS working on the next installments of Wild Stars, which we are planning on serializing next year alongside Paul O’Connor’s Badaxe comic, Jim Breyfogle’s Mongoose & Meerkat, and more!

Now is as good a time as any to support Michael in his transition to being a full-time writer! Catch up on ALL of the Wild Stars in one go in the 35th Anniversary Omnibus or read the Individual Volumes.