What’s New for Mongoose and Meerkat?

The Spring issue of the magazine has Kat and Mangos embarking on their 8th adventure overall and the 3rd in what will be the second “volume” of Tales of the Mongoose and Meerkat.

In The Grain Merchant of Alomar, our pair of swords for hire are beginning to settle in. They’ve reached the city of Alomar, a cosmopolitan metropolis where anything (and anyone) can be bought and sold, and coin is king.

They’ve finally managed to save up some money (or Kat has, anyway–Mangos has squandered a lot of his on good food and drink and a replacement for the sword he lost back in Sword of the Mongoose) and are hoping that they’ve established a bit of a reputation as mercenary adventurers. Unfortunately, Alomar is a big city, and the Mongoose and Meerkat are still small time.

While they’re trying to get gigs lined up, they’re squatting in an unused wing of a manor owned by a wealthy merchant… who hires them without even knowing they’re living under his roof!

This will be the first time a Mongoose and Meerkat story will appear in Cirsova magazine with illustration [by the talented DarkFilly, who illustrated Volume 1].

Also, it’s still in production, but we’ve commissioned an audiobook edition of Pursuit Without Asking, which should be available by mid-spring. It’s read by Erin Michele Gabbard, who is not only a fantastic reader, she sounds just like we imagined Kat to sound like! More news on that soon, but in the meantime, please back the pre-order for our 5th Anniversary Issue!

On with Superversive + Sneak Peek at Badaxe!

I was on with Anthony Marchetta and Ben Wheeler of Superversive on Sunday. It was a pretty long podcast, but we had a lot of fun! Anthony in particular had a lot of great things to say about Teel James Glenn’s Tiger, Tiger, which was our Winter Cover Story.

As you ought to know by now, we’re taking pre-orders for our Spring 2021 issue. One of the features of 2021 is we’ll be reprinting Paul O’Connor’s epic Sword and Sorcery Comic, Badaxe, which has been digitally restored by Michael Tierney. Below is a sneak peek.

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Kickstarter Is Live for 5th Anniversary Issue!

We’re taking pre-orders now for the Spring issue on Kickstarter!

The Artomique Paradigm (Part 1 of 3)

Earth is now in contact with their intergalactic cousins! But during recent conflicts with aliens and pirates, the Artomiques, fascist refugees from an alternate timeline, have become Terra’s dominant faction using stolen Wild Stars technology!

The Grain Merchant of Alomar

The Mongoose & Meerkat have set up in the city of Alomar—in spare rooms of a wealthy merchant who has no idea they’re living there, even after he’s hired them!

Devil’s Deal

A gambler and a wannabe cardsharp, Henry finally has an Ace up his sleeve: the ability to see a moment into the future—a diabolical gift from the Devil Himself!

The Book of Dark Sighs

Dareon and Blue, the Rogues of Merth, find themselves in the crosshairs of an old foe! They must find for him a powerful tome, or Blue’s love will perish at his hand!

My Name is John Carter (Part 9)


The fearsome legions of the God Badaxe are on the march, cleaving a bloody swath through the magical land of Pangaea. Countless villages have been burnt to the ground, their young male populations examined and beheaded. Somewhere, a boy with a strange birthmark on his right palm poses a deadly threat to the most powerful being on Pangea—if he is allowed to reach maturity!

Jiro – MHA

Finally got caught up on MHA last weekend. Yeah, the 4th season had some pretty bad pacing issues, and ended on what felt like filler, but it was still a lot of fun, with a lot of great characters getting some screentime and development.

Also, Jiro’s finally starting to grow on me. I still think her quirk is kinda squick, but I love her eyes and I’ve warmed up to her, even if it took an otherwise bad and cheesy ‘we’ll all play as a band’ story for me to reach that point.

Anyway, looking forward to season 5 coming out later this spring…

12 Cirsova Stories on Tangent’s Recommended Reading List!

I think this may be a record for us:

  1. “Pour Down Like Silver” by Cynthia Ward (Cirsova #3, Spring 2020) F (KPH)
  2. “The Golden Pearl” by Jim Breyfogle (Cirsova #3, Spring 2020) F* (KPH)
  3. “The Greenery Has Come Again” by Paul Lucas (Cirsova Summer Special #2, 5/20) F (VS)
  4. “Ecliptical Musings” by Bill Suboski (Cirsova Fall Special #1, 9/20) F (VS)
  5. “The Horror of the Hills” by Jude Reid (Cirsova Fall Special #1, 9/20) H (VS)
  6. Tiger, Tiger” by Teel James Glenn (Cirsova #5, Winter 2020) F (TG)
  7. “Pulsa” by Edward M. Erdelac (Cirsova #5, Winter 2020) H (TG)
  8. “White Casket” by Ville Meriläinen (Cirsova #5, Winter 2020) F (TG)
  9. “The Murmurous Dead” by Eric Del Carlo (Cirsova #5, Winter 2020) F (TG)
  10. “Hunt of the Mine Worm” by Jim Breyfogle (Cirsova #5, Winter 2020) F (TG)
  11. “The Cunning of Artocris” by Jeffrey Scott Sims (Cirsova #5, Winter 2020) F (TG)
  12. “The Cat, the Hand, and the Plight of the Sacred Bull” by Christine Lucas (Cirsova #5, Winter 2020) F (TG)

The full list is available here: https://tangentonline.com/news/tangent-online-2020-recommended-reading-list/

Cirsova 5th Anniversary Highlight: The Artomique Paradigm

One of the showcase items of 2021 will be Michael Tierney’s newest Wild Stars novel, The Artomique Paradigm.


What are the Wild Stars?

Aeons ago, Earth was nearly destroyed by an alien invasion. Refugees were led to the stars by a powerful immortal being from another universe, known only as the Ancient Warrior. These refugees became the Wild Stars. From time to time, they have revisited Earth, checking on humanity’s progress.

Now, after two centuries of modern man exploring and colonizing the stars, humanity’s Wild Stars cousins have re-established relations with Earth and her colonies.

Who are the Artomique?

The Artomique are refugees from a now-destroyed timeline where fascist Germany had nearly conquered the world.

They are led by Achilles Hister, the son that timeline’s equivalent of Adolf Hitler, and have worked in the shadows to attempt to restore their timeline. Failing that, they have worked to establish a new Artomique supremacy using stolen Wild Star technology and become one of the dominant political factions on Earth.

A Very Brief Outline of the Wild Stars

  • Exodus from Earth following the Marzaanti invasion. (Wild Stars IV: Wild Star Rising)
  • Erlik, son of the Ancient Warrior, wins the Icarus stone (and with it custodianship of Earth) from Carthage. Carthage allies with the wolf-like Brothan and Artomique to wage war against earth. (Wild Stars: Book of Circles)
  • While the Brothan have lost the war, Carthage exacts revenge on Erlik’s family, leading them on a wild goose chase through time. The Artomique begin a secret arms race using stolen Wild Stars technology. Hyper-intelligent dinosaurs get their hands on a Marzaanti space probe which accelerates their evolution. (Wild Stars II: Force Majeure)
  • Terraformers begin discovering evidence of Wild Stars presence on worlds thought to have been uninhabited. Space pirates have orchestrated a large-scale mind-control coup against humanity. Extra-dimensional monsters are unleashed in a tear in the fabric of the universe. (Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon)
  • The Ancient Warrior returns, having laid the foundations of an aeons-long plan to rescue Phaedra from the prison of the God-Father and his knights in the heart of a super-massive black hole. (Wild Stars IV: Wild Star Rising)
  • The Wild Stars have revealed themselves and are prepared to reunite humanity among the stars, except the Artomique have been developing new weapons in secret while their leaders have achieved a sort of immortality using stolen Wild Stars cloning technology. (Wild Stars V: The Artomique Paradigm)

What Does the 5th Anniversary Issue Have in Store?

Very soon, we will begin taking pre-orders for our 5th Anniversary Issue!

Some highlights:

  • Michael Tierney’s Wild Stars 5: The Artomique Paradigm will be serialized beginning in this issue.
  • Jim Breyfogle’s Mongoose and Meerkat are back in their 8th adventure, The Grain Merchant of Alomar.
  • Robert Zoltan’s Rogues of Merth appear in a new novelette, The Book of Dark Sighs.
  • Paul O’Connor’s sword & sorcery comic Badaxe will be reprinted, digitally restored.
  • James Hutchings’ My Name is John Carter Part 9
  • A new short from Michael Wiesenberg
  • Interior illustrations from DarkFilly and Robert Zoltan

Cirsova 5th Anniversary Issue Kickstarter!

Hard to believe that it has been 5 years since our first issue back in spring of 2016… since then, we’ve published 15 issues, three specials, Wild Stars, Illustrated Stark, Duel Visions, Endless Summer, and Mongoose and Meerkat Volume 1. It’s been a wild ride!

We haven’t always crowdfunded for our magazine, but this seemed like a special occasion and it will give us an opportunity to test out a new fulfillment partner we’re looking into.

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