Short Reviews – Stalemate in Space, by Charles L. Harness

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Stalemate in Space by Charles L. Harness appeared in the Summer 1949 issue of Planet Stories. It can be read here at Stories Logo

So far, I’ve read plenty of stories with great dames who are gorgeous, brave, competent and excellent foils for their male counterparts. But Stalemate in Space is the first Raygun Romance I’ve read so far that features a lone female protagonist, tells the story and goes through the character arc of the female lead from her perspective while adhering to the romantic tropes of the Sci-Fi dame.

This isn’t a story where the genders are simply flipped, with a ‘man-with-boobs’ character out-performing her foes in terms of physicality – Evelyn Kane is the very capable and very feminine heroine who relies on her traditionally feminine strengths to achieve her goals. Evelyn is like a reverse Matthew Carse – she wins over the heart of the evil space warlord by being a tough, smart, sexy no-nonsense dame, embodying the pulp feminine ideals, just as a male pulp protagonist would win over the evil space princess with his virtu.

The Terrans are at war with a humanoid race called the Scythians. Both sides have built what are basically Death Stars, but the Scythian death star, The Invader, was finished before the Terran Death Star The Defender. During the initial battle, the two death stars crashed into each other, resulting in massive and prolonged ship to ship combat. The Scythians spent nine years conquering the human’s death star. Evelyn Kane, daughter of Lord Gordon Kane, commander of The Defender, has vowed to die fighting the Scythians rather than abandon the ship on the last escape pod.

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Short Reviews – Garden of Evil, by Margaret St. Clair

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Garden of Evil by Margaret St. Clair appeared in the Summer 1949 issue of Planet Stories. It can be read here at

Garden of Evil is a short, sweet, absolutely delicious swipe at anthropologists.

When I had finally read some of Vance’s Gaean Reach, I had an “aha” moment—“So, THIS is what LeGuin was trying to do with her Hainish books!” I see now that she may have stolen a bit from Margaret St. Clair, as well. Given how awful the last Hainish book I read was, I probably won’t be reading any more LeGuin soon, but St. Clair is on my list.

Ericson is an ethnographer on the planet Fyhon, a lush world that is roughly equivalent to Cenozoic Earth, who’s recovering from violent drug addiction with the help of a green-eyed, green-skinned native girl named Mnathl. Ericson had gotten hooked on byhror, something similar to the coca plant, which he used to give him the strength and endurance he needed to return from a failed solo expedition into the wilds of the southern continent.

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Short Reviews – Peril Orbit, by C.J. Wedlake

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Peril Orbit by C.J. Wedlake appeared in the Summer 1949 Issue of Planet Stories. It can be read here at Stories Logo

If Payne needed to fill up a couple of pages, he picked the right piece to do it with.

Peril Orbit is a (very) short story of a one man craft that had attempted to use the Sun to slingshot from Earth to Venus when something went wrong, and he got stuck in a decaying solar orbit.

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Varra, the Enchantress of Venus ~ Lines — StarlitDen

Let there be more lines for the pinups of the Illustrated Stark: 70th Anniversary of Leigh Brackett’s characters we did for the volumes published by Cirsova Publishing. Here are Varra’s lines! The heroine of the second volume and her silver curls. Click on the image captions to visit their respective posts and additional info! Fancy […]

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