I forgot to update my deadmans switch post

Sorry! I got really busy and forgot to bump it up a couple months.

I’ve had it in case anything ever happened to me and I suddenly disappeared.  Part of why I had it is because of a couple bloggers I really liked and used to talk to, Shorty Monster in particular, who was one of my first friends on WordPress, just suddenly vanished – no posts, no updates, no email replies.  Just gone.  I wouldn’t want to leave folks who only knew me through the internet in suspense, so I kept a post scheduled out a few months in advance and would bump its publication date up on a regular basis.  Of course, I’ve been crazy busy the last two months, and most of my activity on wordpress has been reblogging others, so I forgot to update the posting date!

Sorry, everybody!

(also, Shorty Monster, if you’re alive, I’d love to hear from you).

What? A Gaming Post!?

Man, what happened to this being a gaming blog?!

Orite, a kickstarter and an SFF magazine.

I did score a copy of the 1983 Basic Traveller Starter box on Sunday as part of a weekend-haul that also included a handful of Amazing Stories from the early 50s.

I really don’t know if I’ll get a lot of user or play out of it, since it would require me to run it myself and my OG gamer friend is kinda soured on Traveller on account of the GURPS version. But I do plan on going through it and rolling up a few characters when I get a minute!

One thing I’m noticing just going through it is the similarity to Star Frontiers in terms of skills and some at-a-glance basics. I’m sure once I dig in it will be totally different. Though it’s the “basic” game, it looks pretty daunting compared to my game of choice, B/X.

Even if I don’t end up getting to play it anytime soon, I hope that once I read through it, I’ll have an idea of what Jeffro and other folks are on about when they’re talking Traveller.

On another note, some folks and I were talking basic Red Dragon Inn theory. Of course, this only applies to the base set, but hey, why not share?

Fiona – anti-cheating, direct damage, weak at gambling; loses when ganged up on or pressed into gambling. Pick one character and hammer them. Gerki will be easier than Deirdre, but Deirdre can give you trouble if she’s still standing and either cheater is out.
Deirdre – Healing, anti-cheating, weak at gambling; generally loses by getting too drunk (I’ve lost with max health and max alcohol). Try to hold on and make attacks of opportunity. Fiona can hit you back with some retaliatory cards, but you’ve got your healing; going broke gambling with Zot and Gerki will end you a lot faster.
Zot – gambling & cheating, money, and AOE; loses the long game, cannot deal with prolonged direct aggression. Focus on gambling and staying alive; Zot’s decent at avoiding having to drink.
Gerki – gambling & cheating, direct damage; loses when cannot press gambling advantage, undermined by Zot, or under prolonged direct aggression. Gamble, gamble, gamble; Zot’s a threat to your gambling and Fiona’s a threat to your health; attack Zot and make Fiona go broke.

“The intersection between a cultural counterrevolution against the use of metaphors and an odd pocket of pedophiles.”

The Crash Override Network leaks expose how a group of bullies and harassers duped Twitter and countless others into giving their fake charity tons of money to ostensibly fight back against bullying.

Emperor's Notepad

Recently, an unknown member of the appropriately named Crash Override Network  group (yes, CON), leaked their chat logs (they are redacted for personal information, phones numbers, and such things.) Being a respected and serious group dedicated to fighting harassment and online abuse, one would expect their chat logs being full of open discussions about their daily work, the people they are helping, the costs of their programs, their setbacks and daily issues, and occasional ramblings into unrelated subjects (we are all human, after all.) Yeah, well, I guess so:

[23/12/2014, 1:02:36 PM] Randi Harper: feeding men their own dicks in arenas after i rip 
them off

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Update on Kickstarter & Future Plans (sorry for scant posting!)

I’m very happy that we’ve had so much outside content worth sharing, as I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to write nearly as much as I normally do.

Copy edits are done on Issue 3, and I’m doing a secondary round of line-edits on Issue 4. A part of me wants to shill for advertising slots, as we haven’t sold many yet, but finishing the Kickstarter with enough money to meet the goal is the top priority. Frankly, until we meet our goal, my hands are a bit tied on what else I can work on and offer.

So, this is enormously important. While we are garnering several positive reviews and good publicity, it’s critical that we are able to grow our readership to the point of sustainability, or at least near sustainability. The good news is the Amazon sales are not chump change; the bad news is they aren’t enough to sustain a quarterly semi-pro publication. Still, I suppose it at least means we’re not overwhelmed with more orders than we can handle.

I have a massive time-sensitive project that I desperately want and need to do, but I need around three grand to pull it off. It’s important enough to me that I’m willing to skimp on Cirsova Magazine if I need to so that I have funds to allocate to it. What is this time-sensitive project? A fully illustrated 70th anniversary edition of the Early Stark trilogy aimed at younger readers. I can’t give away more details, but I have big plans for it.

So, please support us on kickstarter! With $2500, we’ll try to shoot for two issues. $5000, we’ll have 3. $10,000, we’ll certainly be able to be quarterly again in 2017.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my rejected clickbait article over at Castalia House because I didn’t have time to finish Queen of the Martian Catacombs and Astounding’s letters section was kinda boring and I don’t know that I’ll be able to get an article out of it.

16 Nerdy blogs for your perusal

PC Bushi

I was talking with Twitter friends @Emily30Red and @Brainfertilizer earlier about SFF matters – the latter fellow trying to get back into writing and thinking of exploring some blogs. Red Emily also expressed interest in a few recommendations. So here are some that I’ve found and enjoyed recently, mostly pertaining to classic SFF and gaming, but with some overlap into other nerdy spheres, culture, and religion, as well:

John C Wright’s Journal


Notes: Blog of author and atheist -to-Catholic convert, John C Wright. I’ve been reading this one the longest of any on my list. Some of his posts are novel-length, but he makes some very sharp observations about both culture and nerd matters (lit, film, games, etc). A lot of content to explore.




Notes: I’ve been following this one for a while now. It’s is affiliated with the relatively new retro-SFF magazine of the same…

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Even MORE Literary Inspirations for Original TRAVELLER

Tales to Astound!

toy1The Cirsova website just posted Issue 1 of their magazine online. In that issue is an article by Jeffro Johnson about the influences of E.C. Tubb’s Dumarest books on original Traveller. Marc Miller has pointed to the books as a source of inspiration for the original game, and Johnson walks us through the variety of ways Miller pulled details from the novels for his own ends.

He begins:

The Traveller role-playing game has ended up being as frustrating as it is endearing over the years. Of course, people that are fluent in hundreds of pulp science fiction stories are going to be quite capable of interpolating all kinds of scenarios from a stray world profile code, a rumor, or a random patron result. But not everyone has that kind of deep genre knowledge on tap, and even with some of the impeccably well-crafted setting supplements for the “official” setting…

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