Independent Patron/Player-character Interactions in Real Time

So what have I been doing lately gaming wise?


I’m playing Ringo Star and the United Caveman Federation in Jeffro’s AD&D domain-level game [as a faction patron].

At some point, when it would not spoil it for the other patrons or adventuring PC players, I’d love to publish my faction notes.

Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog

I have to tell you, the thing about real AD&D that is so astonishing is that once you get it, you end up having to beat players off with a stick. The “real time” campaign combined with player run domains/patrons actually makes this work. There’s something compelling about an authentic old school campaign that just plain captivates people.

Before we move on to what I wanted to tell you, let me point out that there is a legitimate reason for why you see this weird jargon in all of my tweets and posts. It’s because the BrOSR has uncovered a way to play rpgs that is unlike anything anyone has done over the past 40 years. We honestly need new terminology such as “Jeffrogaxian timekeeping” and “Chantisonian patrons” in order to talk about it. Words fail to get the sense of what this new gameplay feels like because everything about…

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