#Gamergate Card Game Designer Statement

DriveThru disgustingly claims to ‘find anything that smacks of censorship… distasteful’, then compares a cardgame satirizing Gamergate to a game satirizing police killing minorities and for the first time bans a game from their site for non-legal reasons. But hey, it’s okay, because unlike with RPGs, they don’t have the Card Game market cornered! Remember, this is a site that hosts titles like “An Erotic Foursome”*, “A Night With A Skinny Girl”*, “Licked by the Lizard King”*, maid RPGs* & other various fetish catering games*, and (goddessanitaforbid!) the “Damsels in Distress”* bundle. For god’s sake, they carry unofficial Cards Against Humanity expansion sets!*

DriveThru claims that they didn’t cave to publisher or customer pressure, but I can’t imagine why out of all the things they carry on their site, a game that makes fun of an internet shit fight is so offensive that it becomes their first-banned-game-evar. Hell, they even admit that people complaining about it couldn’t have known what was in it. Based on the dozen cards previewed, it’s mildly offensive at best, somewhat more offensive than your average game of Say Anything when children aren’t present and would seem like Candyland next to CAH.

*:These examples are only given for illustrative purposes and are not meant to single out these titles or authors; I do not think that any of these titles should be pulled, banned or protested.

**: It has been brought to my attention that DriveThru even carries an X-rated game called Crack Whore about about being a Crack Whore.  So much for that ” too related to real-world violence or death to make it an appropriate matter for satire” bullshit, huh?

Postmortem Studios

cbldf-bannerWe really need something like these guys, or the CARPGA of yore.

Aid & Comfort

  • If you want to support me there’s a variety of ways you can do so.
  • In regard to this issue you can email OneBookShelf and express your concerns (do so politely).
  • You can buy my stuff (Hardcopy of GG card game included) from RPGNOW, Lulu or  – there’s free stuff there too. Feel free to leave a review.
  • TheGamecrafter has hardcopies of Gamergate The Card Game and others by me.
  • As is now traditional, for a victim of harassment and hatred I am obligated to mention my Patreon.
  • If you want the PDF copy of the Gamergate Card Game, you can still get it here.
  • If you want to know what I actually think about anything, rather than relying on what people tell you I think, you’re welcome to ASK and you’ll…

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