Gawker Makes Coke Tweet Out Mein Kampf; Posts Article Bragging About It

Gawker proves itself to be the scum of the earth by subverting Coca-Cola’s advertising campaign through scripting a bot that would spam Mein Kampf for the lulz then gave themselves a high-five for having done so.

Coca Cola has suspended their twitter campaign which had been spewing out ascii art of Hitler’s book courtesy of the bot programmed by Gawker employees.  Originally, the #makeithappy hashtag was intended for retweeting negative tweets so that Coke could ‘make it happy’ by turning it into a little cartoon.  #makeithappy was easily exploitable, but so are children and the homeless, and I’d be sure to warn either of them if I saw Gawker employees come within 100 feet of them, because I’m pretty sure they’d use that same excuse.

One of the biggest things Gamergate has in its favor is how cartoonishly evil its worst opponents are.

Maybe advertisers will wake up and start seeing who the real villains are here.

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