Submissions for Cirsova are Open! (except not really)

Submissions for Cirsova Heroic Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine are now open.


June 23rd is now the last day for unsolicited submissions from individuals who have not been published with us.

If we have:

  • asked for a rewrite
  • asked for an additional/alternate story

Then you have until July 15th to submit them.

Past Cirsova HFaSF Magazine contributors have until July 15th to submit manuscripts and be considered.

We will be accepting submissions to read from June 1st through July 15th.

Pretty much all of what you will need to know RE: submissions you can find here.

We do not require a cover letter or any description of your submission, though feel free to include enough text that your submission will not be mistaken for spam, if that concerns you. We do not take into consideration past publication when considering submissions.

We can accept RTF, though prefer .DOC and .DOCX formats.

I will be at a con over the weekend and somewhat out of pocket until next week, but will get to any and all submissions by next week to confirm that they have been received.


8 responses to “Submissions for Cirsova are Open! (except not really)

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  3. How about a medieval horror story with no supernatural elements, but plenty of blood and sword-swinging and damsel saving? (E.g Conan-esque stuff, without magic)

  4. I understand. Considering that HFQ, with six editors, asks for two months, I imagine this must be a huge undertaking.

    Speaking of which, what has become of the Cirsova kickstarter? I checked it today and saw that it said that $5000 dollars would have to be raised for open submissions. Considering that only a little over $2500 is listed, what’s up with that?

    • Eh, we decided to go with open submissions anyway. We really could’ve used that extra money, but we have enough income based on Amazon sales that we went ahead and opened things up.

      MOSTLY the difference comes from having a bit more flexibility to squeeze in new authors if we have the extra cash to acquire stories; I also might have been tempted to put out larger issues or a 3rd issue next year if funds were there and quality stories there. I don’t think that funds will be there for a 3rd issues, but I did want to open things up to folks who weren’t past contributors.

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