I Hate Doing “I’m Alive” Posts, But…

I just finished writing up about 2500 words regarding the last several months I’ve spent playing Avalon Hill’s Battle of the Bulge. We went through 4 playthroughs, two per side, with one mulligan, one marginal Allied Victory*, one overwhelming Allied Victory, and one overwhelming German Victory.

I’ve been shirking my Wargame Wednesday duties a bit (though I’ve already explained to the Castalia staff that my time is has become much more restricted since the days when I was a regular contributor on Wednesdays a little over a year ago), so I figured I’d give the crew at Castalia a shot at the post before I threw it up here at Cirsova.

*:Marginal in game terms, the Krauts got their asses kicked by any strategic measure, but the Allies suffered greater than historic losses.

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