The Cosmic Courtship Progress and Future Project Update

Haven’t backed The Cosmic Courship by Julian Hawthorne yet? There’s still time!

This is just a quick update that we wanted to make since it has been a bit since our last post here.

First of all, wow, thank you all again for all of your support! 

Michael and I have taken a look at some boxes and shipping options, and I think we’ve figured out what boxes we’ll be using for most of our shipping. We’ve got a game-plan for how we’ll be boxing and labelling, but with our piece-count, there’s a chance this could take us several days to get all of the boxes out when everything DOES arrive.

Our printer is being really stingy with setup codes at the moment, so rather than spend several hundred dollars setting up pre-proof copies that we know we’ll have to make changes to [re-uploading the files updated with backer information in the acknowledgements section], we’re going to wait until we have the final interiors, just in case they don’t waive setup costs. 

The only real reason to have done a pre-proof run was judge how best to ship the books, but since the dimensions are fairly close to books we’ve already published, we were able to make our selections based on those. 

So, here is what needs to happen to ensure a speedy fulfillment of this project:

  • After the kickstarter ends, we will send out surveys right away
  • You will have 7 days from the time the surveys go out to respond with how you would like to be acknowledged; if you do not reply within 7 days, we will use your Kickstarter handle on the acknowledgements section. 
  • We’ll get the book plates to Robert when the Kickstarter payment is processed so we know how many to send him. He’ll send them back and Michael and I will sign them.
  • As soon as payments are successfully collected and we’ve added names to the acknowledgement page, we’ll upload the final files.
  • We’ll order one proof set to make sure everything is a-ok.
  • We place a massive order of books and start boxing.
  • Once the last box goes out, we’ll send out a link to all backers for the digital copies.
  • Once that link goes out, we’ll upload the text file of The Cosmic Courtship to Project Gutenberg.

At that point, the project is more or less “done” and out the door.  We’ll be able to get started on the next Cirsova Classics titles just about as soon as this goes out [be sure to keep an eye out for the Cirsova Summer 2021 issue and Jim Breyfogle’s The Paths of Cormanor in the meantime].

The contracts are signed for the next project, and we’ve actually got the text for the first volume in the can.

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