Cirsova Needs Cash Badly!

While we managed to finish out 2023 with a few rounding errors and personal items claimed as expenses for tax purposes [hey, technically, any Kickstarters we back are research] shy of turning a profit, real personal expenses [mostly plumbing, but also automotive] have wiped out our cash reserves!

We’ve got a few big projects that are bound to make us some money fairly soon [Mongoose & Meerkat Volume 3], and our royalties are in the $500-$700 a month range from Amazon, but…

We just bought a roll of 100 ISBNs! If anything, this commits me to at least another 3-4 years of doing Cirsova, so you guys are in luck. But this costs nearly $600, all on credit at the moment.

Want to help us out ASAP?

Check out our eBay store!

I’ve listed some of my Dad’s old boardgame collection [mostly titles that didn’t have sentimental value], as well as some original Cirsova artwork and artwork by me.

I’m currently auctioning off this painting I did of Kyoka Jiro from My Hero Academia in hopes to raise some immediate funds.

You can also buy the original painting of Chen I did for the 5th Anniversary Variant Cover.

The good news is that a lot of what’s on tap is already paid for.

Already Paid For:

  • All Magazine stories for 2023
  • All Art for Mongoose & Meerkat Volume 3
  • Spring Cover
  • Spring and Summer Edits
  • First Installment on Summer Cover
  • ISBNs [even though the credit card isn’t paid off]

What Needs to be Paid For:

  • Fall & Winter Edits
  • Second Installment on Summer Cover
  • Fall Cover
  • Winter Cover
  • Mighty Sons of Hercules Cover
  • Mighty Sons of Hercules Stories
  • Wild Stars VI Collected Edition Cover
  • Additional Wild Stars VI Interior Art
  • Edits on Forthcoming TBA project
  • Edits on Forthcoming TBA Jim Breyfogle Novel

Please note that the expenses for both of these columns total well into the thousands of dollars.

Anyway… Like I said, check out our eBay store and pick something up! This is the least delay between you buying something from us and us actually seeing the money that we’ve got available to us right now.


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