People need to lay the hell off Tony Dungy

How can people be expected to respect a man’s sexual preferences if you can’t be arsed to respect a man’s coaching preferences?

Not all coaches want a media circus around their 2nd and 3rd string players. For the same reason that sane coaches stayed the hell away from Chad Johnson and for the same reason that Moss got kicked off the Vikings only a couple games into his return, Tony Dungy is saying that in his preference as a coach he does not want to have to deal with the drama-llama circus lined up (that originally was supposed to include an Oprah reality show) to follow Michael Sam around, because that kind of attention makes it hard to run a sports team. You can’t have a team when there’s that kind of focus on one player, especially a rookie. It might get you a lot of coverage and stories and interviews, but it’s not going to get you a ring, and Dungy, being a realist (and until now the go-to guy on all questions of football coaching and ethics) understands that.

Tony Dungy is entitled to his (entirely reasonable) coaching opinion, and anyone who thinks he isn’t is a hater or a Bears fan.

5e Does Not End the Edition Wars, but Promises a New Kind of Edition War

Apparently 5e has a new stench reeking off it, resulting from a lot of internet infighting and butthurtedness in relation to some of the individuals who are listed and/or thanked as contributors to the new edition.

5e promises to restart the edition wars, but instead of over mechanics, it will be over hurt feelings. “The people who wrote 5e called me a faggot on an internet forum!” Man.

I’m kind of glad that Cirsova has drifted off into its own tiny pocket universe of RPG Blogging community. The most “connected” I ever was was when I still followed Tenkar regularly (the days before his site got filtered out). Not being part of the Google+ community and really only staying in touch with a handful of the gaming bloggers out there, I have not yet had the luxury of getting my feelings hurt by some internet rude-dude’s D&D blog.

But Dreamscape did enjoy my play of Maze of Nuromen, so yay!

The new face of the insensitive D&D Blogosphere:


A Post in Which I Realize I’m Too Young to Feel Nostalgia for 2nd Generation Video Games*

I think one of the primary purposes of those collections of old video games is to remind us not to take what we have today for granted and that once upon a time our heroes had to go to the dungeon in 2 feet of snow(y tv static) uphill both ways.

I always hear stories about how the ET game was so bad that it caused the home game market to crash. Or the same with the Atari Pac-man (which, in fairness, was a really crappy port of an otherwise great game). But what about all of the other god-awful terrible, near unplayable, games that DIDN’T cause the market to crash?** 17 games in one! and they’re all terrible :D

Still, there was a focus on heads-up multiplayer gaming that’s really lacking today everywhere except for fighting games. I bet I can land my sky-diving stick figure on the narrow colored line better and more times than you can!

One thing that I find most interesting about old games are their cartridge art and the manuals. Art ranged from outlandish to beautiful realism, fueling the imagination to visualize these worlds of digital impressionism.

This isn’t to say that there weren’t some great old games. It’s just that the difference between Atari 2600 and NES are like a watershed. Especially looking at some of the mid to late 80s Atari home games, I just kind of feel sad for everyone… Developers, players, me…

*:The only games from this Gen I’m old enough to have fond memories of are the older arcade games still in operation in places like Chuck’e Cheeses (then Showbiz Pizza) from the days before they became shady kiddy-casinos with nothing but dull games of chance.

**: Really, most of the arcade games still hold up, especially Red Baron and Crystal Castles. It’s just the home-ports and home games that are awful.


New Monster – Several Cat

Name: Several Cat (Not to be confused with Serval Cat)
Size: Small
Hit Dice: 2**
Movement: 160′(40′)
AC: 5
Att: 3 bite/2claw 1d2/1/1
Morale: 8
Saves as: F6
Treasure Type: Nil*
Alignment: Chaotic

The Several Cat is a thought to be a distant cousin of the much larger and fiercer displacer beast, though others speculate that these strange creatures began as a magician’s experiment gone horribly awry.  While they have the appearance of normal cats, each Several Cat exists unstuck in time and place, appearing in multiple places at once, causing untold mischief and destruction. They have a fondness for knocking over and breaking valuables. Many an alchemist has thought to have successfully shooed the beast breaking plates in his kitchen from his home only find his expensive glass still lying smashed on the floor elsewhere moments later.

A Several Cat will rarely engage in combat, fleeing when encountering anything larger than itself, however they delight in creating a distraction in one place while wreaking havoc in another.

Whenever any successful attack does damage to a Several Cat, the Several Cat will appear to die, though the corpse will vanish the moment that it is no longer observed. Despite the tales of such creatures literally having nine lives, less scrupulous magicians have determined that some Several Cats might only recover from as few as two such dispatchings in this manner.

*Treasure: Occasionally, a Several Cat might collect a stash of toys and magic items, though often they are so broken and mangled they are only worth the material they are made of.

MYFAROG RPG Delay: Varg Vikernes Arrested! (Anniversary Edition)

Okay, Varg’s been arrested. The French think that he’s planning a massacre. Now, I don’t follow all of what Varg’s up to, but I’m pretty sure he’s been too busy building his house, blogging, working on music and writing an RPG to be planning a massacre. Varg strikes me as being too busy with various personal projects to jeopardize it by planning a massacre.

I guess I should’ve ordered a copy of Forebears sooner than later. And I figured out why all of a sudden I’m getting all of these hits on my old MYFAROG post.

Apparently his wife bought a few guns (legally, I might add; she’s a member of a rifle club), and that was enough to bring the heat down on the couple, and both of them were arrested. The articles are quick to point out that he’s a “convicted murderer”, but don’t forget that, while Varg didn’t do himself any favors in trying to cover it up initially, it was a case of self-defense. Also, the articles have pointed out that “there is no evidence that Kristian Vikernes was formulating any kind of plan.”

Anyway, the whole thing got kicked off apparently because Behring Brevik sent Varg a copy of his manifesto in hopes of finding an ally. Varg basically called Brevik an idiot, but receiving and commenting on it was enough to make French officials worry.

I hope things get straightened out soon. Varg has always been very personable and a generally nice guy to me, and while I heartily disagree with many of his ideas and points of view, I don’t believe that he is personally a threat to anyone.

Update: They don’t have anything on them, but are holding them anyway (probably for political reasons)

Also, it should be noted that in the posts in question, Varg specifically said not to do anything illegal in ‘revolt’ against the European status quo.

Update 2: Marie Cachet has been released from custody.

Update 3: Varg has been released, but may be prosecuted for hate speech.

Update 4: Varg has an account of the incident, which may be found here.

Update 5: A candid interview with Marie Cachet & Varg Vikernes.

Update 6:  The verdict of Guilty for charges of hate-speech quietly came and went, followed by a few news articles reminding us of Varg’s past, calling him a neo-Nazi (he’s not) and making spurious allegations in an attempt to link him with Breivik.  I’m guessing that since Varg’s most recent update, post verdict, is explaining mechanical changes to his RPG that he’s taking things in stride.