Stuff a’Brewin!

It’s been a slowish week here, I know, but I’ve got lots of pots on the stove, and a few of them have almost reached a simmer.

Literally all that is keeping me from starting to fulfill the pre-orders for Cirsova #1 is waiting for Kickstarter to process the money.

Hugo Dramatic Short Form Recommendations is something I might do.

I have something about a great series from the New Wave era I’ve been reading, but I have a few questions for the author I’d like answered before posting.

I need to give some shout outs next week, particular to Schuyler Hernstrom, who has a new collection out.

I got to try out a DM-less player generated version of D&D that was pretty awesome, but it’s not quite mine to talk about; I’ll see if my DM would like to give some particulars on it, maybe as a guest post.

I’ve been meaning to talk Castles of Mad King Ludwig for ages.

I finished Ocarina of Time. The TL;DR of the post I’ll eventually write about it: it was terrible.

Lesser Gnome sent me a digital review copy of Death & Taxes that I can’t wait to take a look at. Hopefully I’ll get to experience this as a player if it’s something that my DM can work into his game. I may or may not have a chance to run it myself with all I have going on, but man, I want those minis, so I’ll probably end up buying it.

Finally, I’ve got a little over 5000 words on Magelords; first draft feels about 1/3 of the way in.  That’s not the best thing, maybe, since that means it’ll be in novella territory. Even if I finish it in time for issue 2, I’ll probably hold onto it until spring so it doesn’t crowd out any shorter pieces.  Once it’s done, I’ll look at writing a conclusion piece, maybe also an intro, and publish the whole thing as a “fix-up”.



5 responses to “Stuff a’Brewin!

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    What’s the skinny on Magelords? Is it set in the Cirsova universe? Is the prose similar to the Choose Your Own Cirsova Book that I like so much?

    • Hey, no prob! Be sure to let me know when the Print on Demand version is ready. I’ll be buying copies for my friends.

      Magelords of Ruach is the sequel to At the Feet of Neptune’s Queen. I want to finish that before I try to revisit the Cirsova setting.

  2. I’d planned to make a King Ludwig post myself, but I always seem to bump boardgame posts in favor of another topic. My brother’s an avid boardgamer, and I’ve been trying to convince him to start a blog, but he’s got a very busy career and a couple of kids…

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