Submissions update

I’m going through submissions now!  I’m up to my eyeballs and have more stories coming in every day!  There’s a lot of great stuff in the slush pile and I’m getting through it as fast as I can.

I’d initially said that I would keep submissions open until mid-May, but I’m changing the deadline to May 1st.  Please try to get your submissions in to me by that date!

With the volume of submissions I’ve been receiving, I’m already terrified by the prospect of having to say “no” to some really good stuff.  Reducing the submission window by a couple of weeks may alleviate this a tiny a bit.

After issue # 2, I may try to step up our release schedule to quarterly; more slots means less chance of having to turn down exceptional stories.

To make sure that this can happen, issues #1 and #2 will need to make some money.  If you haven’t bought a copy, consider buying one.  If you have bought a copy, please leave a review.

I’ll have an announcement on the eBook version tomorrow (hold off on buying it until tomorrow!)





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