Some Good News

From the very beginning, there’s been some juggling of finances to make Cirsova work and be able to function as a semi-pro paying print zine.

It’s been my hope that someday Cirsova could be self-sustaining, but until that happened it would be a case of trying to strike a balance between putting out the magazine and staying fed.

Completely putting the Kickstarter aside, Cirsova had a really good month last month. Between T-Shirt, Amazon and Lulu sales, we pulled in over $200. I don’t expect to get fat checks from Lulu all the time, since I know that hardbacks are going to sell slower, but that is, in one month and on residuals alone, pulling in enough to buy 2.5 short stories, 2 novelettes, one novella* or about half a cover. Averaging just $100 a month, we can theoretically pull together almost an entire issue on residuals alone. And hopefully, as our back-catalog and reader-base grows, those numbers will grow.

I was also left a small endowment (I’m not prepared to go into details, at the moment) that will cover the costs of most of an issue and certainly buy Cirsova Publishing some of the time it needs to grows.

I recently crossed an interesting psychological threshold, where the magazine’s red ink and the amount left on the note on my car crossed. It is the sort of thing that gives one pause. “What if I’d spent that money paying off my car instead? I’d have a ton of free money right now! Has it been worth it? Is it still worth it?”

I’ve had to put up with some crap, been called a lot of names, and had people feel the need to distance themselves from me, which is stressful and frankly a pain in the ass. But I think it has been worth it.  And it will be worth it to go forward, at least for the time being.

*:Disclaimer – We don’t take unsolicited novellas. Please do not submit them.

14 responses to “Some Good News

  1. I’m with you totally. I’m no master craftsman of tales but I’ll make certain my various gaming circles and libraries have copies.

    I want this to succeed as much as you do. Hell, maybe more. Because some ideas are worth putting some skin in the game, and I personally believe this to be one of them.

    I haven’t felt so provoked into writing since I was a young Carl Jung reading, hard drinking misanthrope. My blog is purely a reflection of the overwhelming sense of community that seems to be occurring around Cirsova and Castalia.

    Hell, I’m writing a story for submission down the line. I haven’t done something like that in years, and it’s your fault. You didn’t just bitch about the state of affairs, you went to work to change them.

    For that alone you’ve made a fan out of me, but more importantly you’ve made me believe there is still weird places we can dwell on, without the ever present threat of the internet hate machine stream rolling you.

    Godspeed brother,


  2. Awesome news. I’ve been pimping it pretty hard to family and friends and buying more copies to give out to people in my D&D group.

    You and Castalia are the two best things going in Fiction right now.

  3. Baby Uitvlugt is taking up a lot of what had been my writing time but I plan on buying and sharing the 2017 issues when I can.

    Trying to spread the word in my own small way.

  4. Your plan proceeds apace, Pulp Lord. Congratulations!

    Now, who do I know that has NOT seen a copy of Cirsova?

    Must grow the Base!

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