A Bit More Redfox

I’m just under half-way through this series. Even though I don’t feel strongly either way about the main character, who is kind of a generic babe-barian, I absolutely adore Whitefox. Whitefox is the magically grown twin/clone that a lonely wizard made after Redfox left her apprenticeship.

Sure, Redfox has a cursed magic ring that has put her in the clutches of a demon that will destroy her body and purge her soul, but Whitefox is the one who needs all the hugs.

As a magic clone, Whitefox suffers from some identity problems… Though she has never met her, she has a mental bond with Redfox and longs to meet her someday. To somewhat ameliorate the dysphoria of being a clone, she considers herself Redfox’s “sister” and projects loving sisterly feelings for the woman she’s never met.

Whitefox reminds me a bit of T’sain from Dying Earth; at first I was imagining that she would be more like T’sais, and be completely crazy, but at 8 issues in, it’s looking like Whitefox could be the Real HeroTM of the comic, as she leads the small, motley band of Redfox’s friends to rescue her soul from the demon queen.

Anyway, I adore this character. I’m glad I managed to nab the entire run for $20, since it seems like the individual issues can go for a pretty penny.

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