No One Writes Dames Like Schuyler Hernstrom

Probably one of the hardest part of writing dames is conveying just how gorgeous and desirable they are. Some writers are content to just tell us outright that they’re pretty, beautiful, hot, whatever.  Others might try to throw at us ‘garments clinging to their supple form’, ‘milky thighs’, ‘ample bosoms’, or ‘pert upturned breasts’ if they’re really reaching.

Schuyler Hernstrom’ll either make you step your game up or give it up:

“Athan’s eyes looked past the captain to the tower’s doorway. There stood a woman of incomparable beauty. Her green eyes sat calm under a delicate brow. From temple to cheek, to mouth and chin, the lines of her face described an impossible perfection. Her beauty was all things at once, chaste and lustful, mournful and blissful, fleeting and eternal. She was the earth’s rhythms, the lust of spring, the excess of summer, the remorse of fall, the sorrow of winter. She was the Priestess. Alone among the Ullin she wore her hair long. The wind stirred the fair locks to alight on cheek and shoulder. Athan’s heart ached to look upon her.”

Daaaaamn!  Now there is a lady worth killing for or dying for or ushering in a mankind-ending apocalypse for. That is not easy to top.

You can read “Athan and the Priestess” in Schuyler’s anthology Thune’s Vision.

His short story “The Gift of the Ob-Men” can be found in Cirsova #1 and his new Novella “Images of the Goddess” is in Cirsova #2.



4 responses to “No One Writes Dames Like Schuyler Hernstrom

  1. “She turned toward Conan, her bosom heaving, her eyes flashing. Fierce fingers of wonder caught at his heart. She was slender, yet formed like a goddess: at once lithe and voluptuous. Her only garment was a broad silken girdle. Her white ivory limbs and the ivory globes of her breasts drove a beat of fierce passion through the Cimmerian’s pulse, even in the panting fury of battle. Her rich black hair, black as a Stygian night, fell in rippling burnished clusters down her supple back. Her dark eyes burned on the Cimmerian.”

    — Robert E. Howard, Queen of the Black Coast


  2. “I am just going to eschew words and cut & paste some illustration of Dejah Thoris.”

    Or you could simply write “She looked like a Franzetta painting of Dejah Thoris”

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