Advertise in Cirsova #4!

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Cirsova needs your help! While we should have enough money to fund two issues in 2017, those two issues aren’t going to be near enough to contain all of the awesome stories my contributors are sending me.

Do you have book, a game or a blog you’d like to advertise? Buying advertisement in Cirsova will help us acquire more content and put eyes of our content-hungry readership on your product.

Cirsova has gained accolades and a vocal, loyal readership across the internet. Issue 4 has already pre-sold over 100 copies.

The current ad types are still available:

  • 250 Character Text Advertisement $15
  • 1/4 page Advertisement $35
  • 1/2 page Advertisement $55

Advertisement images should be 300 dpi, with the following measurements:

  • 1/2 Page – 7.5″ w x 4.5″ h or 3.5″ w x 9″ h
  • 1/4 Page – 3.5″ w x 4.5″ h

Please send as png, tif or high-res jpg!

Advertisers will receive PDF copies of the issue featuring their advertisement. To keep advertising costs low, we are no longer including physical copies with ad purchase-you are only paying for your adspace. If you would like physical copies, you may add $10 for a single copy or $30 for a bundle of 5.

Contact us at cirsova at yahoo dot com for payment details.


10 responses to “Advertise in Cirsova #4!

    • We’re still looking into options to make this happen. While we’ve found a platform that would work for digital subscriptions, we would be unable to pair it with our physical copies and maintain both the present quality and per-issue customer costs we currently offer. Optimally, we’d like to set up a subscription service with Amazon, but we’re still trying to figure out how and if we can do so as an independent publication through Createspace.

  1. Could you indicate that this is a sticky post? A few times, I thought the site hadn’t updated because I saw this post up top, only to scroll down and find the new posts there.

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