Hugo Noms are Live!

So a few of my picks made it!

Huge congrats to Jeffro Johnson, Douglas Ernst, and Kukuruyo.

Also, to the Castalia House family which I’m honored to be a part of.

A bunch of my picks were underdogs, so I didn’t expect them to get it, but hey, some of the names I’d floated even before SP4/RP2 made it.  The only real shame is that TIE Fighter didn’t make Dramatic Short Form.

Some of the Noms this year are positively magic.

I am, as has been pointed out, more “puppy-adjacent” than I am a Puppy, but I really can’t help but rub my hands together in glee over a few of these, particularly Kukuruyo, whom I DID vote for, and Chuck Tingle.

I wasn’t sure if I’d spring for a voting membership this year, but I think I just might…  Also, yay for the Leigh Brackett in the Retros!

5 responses to “Hugo Noms are Live!

    • What will be interesting to me will be to watch and see if the shift of the puppy kickers moves to focus entirely on the Rabids. With the peanut gallery borderline admitting that Kate Paulk & SP4 addressed most of the problems and coming up with a list that was more or less ‘representative of fandom'(despite being terrible people because they were SP, naturally), and seeing comments like this one ( that completely disregard SP’s potential influence on a category, I think that RP will come to be seen as the heart and soul of the Puppy movement with the Sads fading off. Last year, there was some debate over whether the Sads or Rabids had been more influential, with the Rabids being seen with a bit more; this year, there really can’t be much debate on that account. The question now is how much the Media will try to pin this on Brad Torgersen and Larry Correia.

      • Agreed, there are a fair few people commenting that they were Sad Puppies last year who jumped over to the Rabid side of the aisle after being targeted with such vitriol by the Puppy Kickers last year. If the Rabids have more influence overall this year, they can thank the Kickers for driving moderates into their arms.

        What’s going to be *really* fun to watch is how the inclusion of My Little Pony changes the equation. The Kickers likely have their hearts set on Jessica Jones, but if they go too hard against the Rabid slate, don’t think they won’t drag the Bronies into the mix. And that should make for goooood watching.

        As for me? I’m looking forward to seeing Cirsova on the nom list next year. (If there is a next year.)

      • Thanks! One of the many reasons why I’d stepped up our release schedule was so we could be eligible for the Semi-Pro Zine category.

        Apparently on Twitter, Bronies are already in the mix. I’m a little surprised there’s less buzz about Kukuruyo, but GG has become diffuse enough that a lot of it is probably not on the hashtag.

        What I have to wonder now is what things would look like if ‘Puppy-Adjacents’ like myself actually HAD voted lock-step with the RP list. I can’t help but figure that if I didn’t there was probably also a reasonable portion of VD’s followers who didn’t either.

        Another thing that gets me are the No-Award people who say “You don’t get to tell me how I should vote”; if no one can tell them, who’s to tell everyone else who voted slate? WHAT IF E PLURIBUS HUGO JUST GIVES VOX DAY MORE POWER!? I mean, if there really are 500-800 Rabid Puppies and at least 400-500 of them are willing to vote straight slate, I’m not sure what the weird vote splitting rules are going to do to stop them. (I’m not really a stats & numbers guy, so I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the 17-step elimination process described in their 100+ page white paper).

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