Ad Space in Cirsova Issue #2: Cirsova is Looking for Sponsors!

All Advertisement is now being filled through Kickstarter.

While we’re planning on plugging ahead at full steam, one of the biggest things that will help us become a sustainable publication is sponsorship.

We’ve got very affordable rates on advertisements and can sweeten the deal by throwing in some physical copies that you can either sell to recoup some of your costs or keep for posterity.

Contact cirsova at yahoo dot com with the subject line “AD SPACE: Issue 2” to confirm your slot(s) and receive payment details.  Issue 2’s Lineup can be found here.

Right now we have 26 slots + the back cover.  These can be purchased separately or combined to make a half-page ad.  The following rates are good until we begin taking pre-orders via our Kickstarter.

$60 – 1 slot (1/4 page) + 5 copies.
$80 – 2 slots (two non-consecutive ¼ page ads OR one ½ page ad) + 5 copies
$100 – 4 slots (up to 4 non-consecutive ¼ page ads, two non-consecutive ¼ page ads and one ½ page ad, two ½ page ads, or 1 full page advertisement) + 5 copies
$140 – Back Cover + 5 copies

We also have a single weird 1/3 page slot that we could sell you (along with the 5 copies) for $70

Additional copies may be added for $20 per 5 copies. Note that these are the softcover copies.

Ad specs:
Images should be .pngs, .tifs, .gifs or .jpeg  B/W or Greyscale, at no less than 200DPI.

Image Dimensions:

1/4 Page – 3.5″ w x 4.5″ h
1/2 Page – 7.5″ w x 4.5″ h or 3.5″ w x 9″ h
Full Page – 7.5” w x 9” h
Back Cover – 7-8″ w x 8.75″ h

Advertisements will appear in the .pdf, the ebook, and the softcover print editions of Cirsova Issue #2.  Note that our Kickstarter-exclusive hardbound dust-jacketed editions are presented advertisement free.

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